Business Across Borders

In a growing global marketplace, it is becoming ever harder to juggle all the different financial rules, accountancy and tax regulations that govern international trade. For all companies seeking to export and import, or trade across borders, there is a requirement to understand and work with different accounting and financial best practices, including IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Not to mention the other, no less important challenge of overcoming language difficulties, multi-currency operations and global legislation differences in order to successfully conduct business across international borders.

AVH Accountants have many years of experience of dealing with financial accounts with large corporate entities, blue chip companies, and small businesses in countries around the world. We offer accounting services for all those organizations wishing to trade internationally. Our Chartered Accountants and Certified Professional Accountants include bilingual financial experts, who speak both Russian and English fluently.

Give us the opportunity to manage your accounting so you can account for the business... across borders!

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